We believe that clear and well-publicised laws are a prerequisite to a nation developing and sustaining a healthy commitment to the rule of law, and to transparency in its law-making. LexisNexis is therefore committed to working to develop and maintain access to primary sources of the law across Africa.

The LexisNexis Africa Division brings under one roof the legal editing and publishing skills, resources and expertise needed to deliver projects which will achieve this objective and help to promote the rule of law. This is at the heart of what we do.

We use the latest publishing technology to make the process of improving accessibility to law easier and faster. LexisNexis has an unparalleled track record of delivering complex publishing projects, particularly of legislation, to the specifications of governments and donor partners. In cases where governments are unable to devote funds or human resources to improving access to law, we often invest in products that assist legal and taxation practitioners in those countries.

Where required, we provide training to partners and clients on the maintenance and use of print and digital publications so that the maximum benefit is generated from their creation.