LexisNexis (and its precursor Butterworths) has published the legislation and law reports of South Africa since the 1930s, and the East Africa Law Reports since the 1950s. We now publish legal research resources for 13 countries across the continent, with more being added every year.

LexisNexis is deeply committed to contributing to the development of nations in Africa. For this reason, in 2003, LexisNexis established its Africa Division – a team of editors specialised in the creation of effective and up-to-date legal referencing products in countries where these did not currently exist, or had been neglected for some time.

The Africa Division’s mission is to improve the effectiveness of the legal systems of the countries in which we work: empowering legal practitioners, government departments and citizens alike, promoting the rule of law and facilitating transparency and good governance. We believe that the provision of user-friendly and well-maintained access to legislation and case law can play a vital role in achieving this.

We create bespoke solutions to satisfy the needs of practitioners and researchers in each market. In addition, our ability to bundle access to African legal information with publications from other civil law and common law countries around the world, and inserting cross-references for case citations and legislation, means that we can offer one-stop solutions for countries of all legal traditions.

No legal publisher offers a service as tailor-made to the needs of developing countries as LexisNexis' is. We remain committed to developing the reliable legal reference frameworks that peaceful, stable and prosperous nations require.