Our content is made available in a variety of formats to suit diverse user-groups. Whether you prefer a traditional print edition, a comprehensive online database with powerful search functionality, or a convenient digital edition that can be downloaded and browsed offline on almost any device, we have the solution for you.


Our editions of legislation are usually available in loose-leaf format. Loose-leaf editions of laws have the advantage of being easy to update with amendments without the need to create annual service editions.  LexisNexis usually supplies regular service issues to a loose-leaf edition consisting of any pages of new legislation or amended legislation to be inserted, and detailed instructions on any pages of repealed legislation to be removed.
For law reports, we usually publish in case-bound volumes. Like the loose-leaf binders, our bound volumes are built to last. Using the best book-binding craftsmanship, and paper that will resist the most hot and humid conditions, you can be assured that your copy of the laws will stand the test of time.


We are also strong advocates of the potential of digital legal research products, to promote access to a country's laws to an ever-widening digital audience. We are proud recently to have launched our LexisMobile application for computers and tablets. LexisMobile does not require an active internet connection to browse and search legal publication, thus eliminating one of the challenges frequently faced by our customers in rural areas.
LexisMobile also works hand in glove with our MyLexisNexis platform for online research, on which most of our core titles are available. MyLexisNexis is our flagship digital research platform, and incorporates advanced search functionality that not only enables users to locate a particular piece of legislation or a case, but also to locate other related content, whether from the same or another jurisdiction, that will serve to place the document in context, or to assist with its interpretation.