LexisNexis has been publishing legal information in digital formats since the 1970s. Our Africa, our databases of legal information have been available online for more than 15 years. Our current platform for the delivery of legal research products, MyLexisNexis, is currently used by more than 70,000 researchers worldwide.

MyLexisNexis is a web-based legal research platform designed to enable professionals to locate the legal information they need with the minimum amount of time and effort, and then, if necessary, to deepen their research through the use of the platform’s advanced search tools. It is built around the concept of interlinked databases of legal information (legislation, case law, commentary, journals) all hosted on the same platform, thus permitting cross-referencing and combined searches of all of those datasets. Practitioners around the continent benefit significantly from having access to this “one-stop shop” for their legal research.

MyLexisNexis is built around an array of databases for legislation, law reports, judgments and legal commentary.
All content is hyperlinked to allow easy navigation within a product and between multiple related products.

The MyLexisNexis platform supports the following search functionality:

  • Web-based, accessible using any recent web browser
  • Exporting documents to PDF/MS Word
  • Searching by date range
  • Searching by subject matter
  • Law reports and judgments are indexed by volume or year of publication so can be browsed as well as searched
  • Creating research folders of documents relating to a particular case or topic
  • Storing saved searches to facilitate access to regularly referenced documents
  • Content is stored securely
  • The platform is constantly maintained by our in-house technical team, has an “up-time” of over 99% and features round the clock customer support

Additionally, training videos on the platform are available from our website here: http://www.lexisnexis.co.za/support/product-training/mylexisnexis.aspx