A first for Africa – offline access to digital content with automatic updates

LexisMobile is a new and innovative portable digital reference tool for legal information that allows you to access your most important legal information and also to create and retain personal annotations and notes.   LexisMobile makes your content available 24/7 from your iPad, laptop or computer whether or not you have an internet connection, and ensures you have the most accurate up to date content at all times.

How does LexisMobile help you?

Innovative – annotate sections, highlight, copy and paste all from your iPad, Android tablet or Windows PC.
Portable – effortlessly carry your library from your office to your home, the courtroom or wherever you need to go, on your tablet or laptop.
Reliable – regular content updates and automatic syncing of your annotations to our cloud server give you confidence that you are accessing the most up-to-date knowledge and information available. Have peace of mind that your personal annotations will be kept safe when content gets updated. 
Automatic updates – titles are updated automatically as soon as you go online.
Convenient – your essential information available wherever you are, accessible 24/7.

Legislation products

All of our legislation products for African jurisdictions will be made available on LexisMobile. This ensures that customers have a quick, offline reference tool accessible to them at any time. If a user has an active internet connection when using LexisMobile, it is also possible to navigate to other products that refer to the legislation being browsed – for example, law reports and legal commentaries.