We work with a variety of public and private institutions to make legislation in a range of African jurisdictions more accessible to government employees, legal practitioners, investors and, most important of all, the people.
For laws to be made easily and widely accessible, and user friendly they must be:

  • consolidated, revised and indexed;
  • published in print and electronic formats; and
  • continuously updated. 

Whilst a project to consolidate and revise years or even decades worth of legislation and amendments can seem daunting in size, LexisNexis specialises in managing challenging large-scale publishing projects. And once the initial consolidation and revision work has been completed, the task of ‘maintaining’ the laws becomes a straightforward one.  We can consolidate or revise legislation and deliver a new revised edition of laws in a matter of months. A revision can take longer than a simple consolidation, depending on the quantity of legislative material and the amount of time that has elapsed since the laws were last revised. However, a revision yields the greatest benefits in that our editors have the expertise rapidly but accurately to identify and remove errors and inconsistencies in the text of legislation, or even legislation that is entirely obsolete. Our publishing solutions create a quality print or electronic research product that is easy and intuitive to use.

Our recent projects include:


This project was part of the Financial and Legal Sector Assistance Project aimed at creating a sound financial system and strengthening the Kenya’s legal framework. It was co-funded by the World Bank and UK’s Department for International Development.
The project is the largest of its kind ever undertaken by the Africa Division and consisted of the consolidation and revision of 28,500 pages of legislative text in only 9 months. It was completed in June 2013 and delivered to following to the Kenyan National Council of Law Reporting:

  • Electronic database in XML format;
  • 500 printed copies of approximately 30 volumes each;
  • 100 DVD copies

The state of the art database, and the DVD copies of the laws, will allow legal researchers to:

  • Use advanced text searching features to optimise their work;
  • Download the text of laws to computers with even the most basic word-processing or document-viewing software;
  • View hypertext cross-references between primary and subsidiary legislation; and
  • Use the "point in time" feature to view the cumulative amendments to a piece of legislation as at a particular date.


In 2015, LexisNexis created the first ever consolidated digital edition of Ugandan primary and subsidiary legislation. Maintained on a quarterly basis, this product offers Ugandan practitioners, for the first time, access to up-to-date legislation with full search functionality and cross-referencing.

The Consolidated Laws of Uganda is available on both the MyLexisNexis online platform and LexisMobile offline application, ensuring that users can access the content regardless of the speed or reliability of their internet connection.